More than 60 years of experience & expertise
Who are we

KLAASEN & Co is specialized in the slaughter and cut-up of spent hens (old laying hens). Under our own PLUVERA brand, we offer worldwide a full range of frozen hen products, whole hens as well as various hen parts. For several decades our hens have been a familiar product all over Europe, Central and West Africa and Asia.

PLUVERA hen meat is perfectly suitable as a raw material for the meat processing industry. In close collaboration with our industrial partners and customers, we are always in search of tailor made products, suitable for specific applications and in the required packaging.

The distinctive “poultry” flavour of the hen, its firm structure and our peoples’ knowledge, make PLUVERA products suitable for a myriad of uses to achieve tasty and inexpensive dishes.

Thanks to motivated and well-trained employees, continuous technical innovation, strict quality control and reliable products, PLUVERA has become a leading international producer of hens.


At Klaasen & Co, we are a family-driven organization, fully engaged to realise in an actif and profitable way:

  • a sustainable valorisation of (by-)products from the poultry industry into a high quality product, serving both the local as well as the global market.
  • valuable work and economic growth in a local context, by focusing on workable work for our co-workers, with a high level of diversity.
Our roots go back to 1930, when Jos Klaasen and Maria Donckers laid the foundation for a successful and dynamic family business. They began very simply by raising chickens, and soon became known locally for their chicken feed and day-old chickens. The very first incubator was built by Jos Klaasen himself. In 1939, they started their own feed mill. The big breakthrough came after 1945 when the children, and later the grandchildren, joined the company to strengthen it. In 1954 KLAASEN & Co was incorporated, and in 1960 the poultry slaughterhouse was build, which was the final link in the commercialisation of the proprietary brand: PLUVERA. Very soon after this the poultry slaughterhouse is specialized in slaughtering and cutting up spent hens. And, more than 60 years later, they are still going strong …